Pennywise Peripherals

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The Pennywise CA21 controls the equipment in a cinema. It runs film sessions automatically using a sequence of program steps triggered by cues from the film or slide projector.

The CA21 is very easy to operate, yet it is flexible enough to allow a wide variety of film presentations with slides, intervals, etc

It's front panel only has push buttons and LEDs. There are no complicated menus, cryptic messages or computer languages to learn.

The CA21 includes the following features:

  • Controls the film and slide projectors, sound processor, lights, curtains etc.
  • An in-built clock enables sessions to be scheduled at specified times,
  • Only one type of film cue is required,
  • Faults are detected and handled (film break, xenon fail, etc),
  • Motors in different projectors can be interlocked,
  • Equipment is controlled by relays and serial interfaces,
  • The CA21 is available in two types of cabinets (rack and wall mounting)

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