Pennywise Peripherals

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Like the NCA30, the DA22 is also part of the CADET series of automations and has similar functionality, but without the physical front panel user interface.

NCA30-DA22 Brochure


  • Network connectivity (ethernet) for control from equipment such as Doremi servers, Christie Digital projectors etc.
  • Web server for serving web pages for configuring, controlling and getting status information. Web page also displays command and status history with time stamp.
  • Controls digital sound processors using either ethernet or serial (RS-232) data.
  • Controls analogue sound processors using built in digital controlled fader which simulates a potentiometer.
  • 2 fully isolated serial ports (RS-232) for communicating with other devices such as dimmers, legacy sound processors etc.
  • 16 relay outputs and 8 isolated inputs.
  • Once connected to ethernet, the DA22 can have its software upgraded from anywhere in the world.
  • The DA22 has a web server and can be controlled from an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or any device that has a browser. Cinema staff can be attending to other operations and easily check status or issue commands.
  • Has been tested with all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc.

Rear view

DA22 back

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